About us

Titan Pro 500 is a fast growing and top-rated CFDs (Contracts for Difference) provider delivering advanced trading solutions on stocks, currency pairs, commodities and indices along with groundbreaking trading technology.

Who we are

Titan Pro 500 is a Hungary based company with its headquarter located in Budapest and offices around the world. We are an authorized broker that offers traders of all levels more than 70 available assets to choose from alongside the wide range of additional tools to make your trades more efficient.

Client Money

Once you start trading and enter the real money market, your funds are protected and appropriately stored on a segregated account according to the Financial Conduct Authority rules and internal company regulations that excludes the system cracking and information disclosure.

Objectives and Vision

Our Strategy

We never remain complacent and always do our best to provide the highest quality services returning leads into real traders. Titan Pro 500 keep implementing new marketing tools, strategies and campaigns that attract people who strive to skim the cream off financial markets and earn much in just a few clicks wherever you are.

Getting New Customers and Retaining Existing Customers

Supporting of a demo-account within our platform will benefit you with an incredible chance to try you skills not in a real but in an artificial trading world. So you won’t lose money on your balance and will be able to develop great skills.

Boost Overall Volume of Trades from Active Traders on the Platform

Our company puts emphasis on innovative approaches and applies best practices to improve the user experience. These are the main points aiming at increasing the activity of customers on the platform. We are eager to keep playing the leading role in the industry as to rolling out new traded assets that customers want to deal with. It is referred to highly positioned and newly listed equities.

Increasing Market Share and Breaking New Grounds

Our top priority is increasing the market share covering the present jurisdictions and looking for new ones to expand. It is all about engaging new traders and acquiring them.

Making the business fly relying on innovative techniques alongside Research and Development

Titan Pro 500 stand for its technological age. We realize the necessity of new financial assets’ development and implementation. It is vital when it comes to building a long-term strategy and customer loyalty. Our team is proud of being the market leading force within the contract for difference niche regarding mobile compatibility and user satisfaction.

Operating Model Optimization to Promote the Performance

We always keep an eye on the ball to develop the Marketing Machine. It will make it possible for us to get and retain new customers in a more efficient and cost-effective manner. The idea behind the company owned technology allows us to expand the horizons even without having to be present in those markets. It consequently leads to restricting the capital outlays required to increase the geographical reach.

Our Vision

Our team strives to hold our own as a leading worldwide CFD provider that more and more customers switch to because of best-in-class technologies and approaches.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does MetaTrader 4 trading platform operate?

MetaTrader 4 is one of the most popular trading platforms. This platform guarantees quality performance and flexibility with its simple and intuitive interface. Currently, MetaTrader 4 is the preferred platform for traders in the modern market. The program is in high demand among users due to the following features:
  • Comfortable use: MT4 is provided with the user-friendly interface, which is quickly understood by new traders and experienced users.
  • Graphs and charts: any trader is able to build complex charts, to carry out any types of trading transactions, and to analyze the technical aspects of the market.
  • Minimum requirements – Unlike many other platforms, MetaTrader 4 has minimum requirements to PC or gadgets. It will also guarantee the platform’s stability and a fast response during trade transactions.
  • Expert advisors – they belong to must-have features of any trading platform for automatic transactions.
  • Flexibility – MetaTrader 4 supports stock, commodity, and futures trading as well as trading all available currencies.
  • Security – this platform is considered one of the safest. The program encrypts data between the servers and traders using a 128-bit key. The IP address of the merchant is completely secured.
  • Development of MQL MT4, which is a programming language for the patented product.

What is a Personal account?

A Personal account is the trading area within the broker’s website. Immediately after authorization, a user accesses his/her accounts, financial transactions, and other functions of the service. Each user receives the following advantages of the personal account:
  • Ability to perform any financial operation;
  • Participation in various promotions and offers from companies and access to bonuses.
  • Ability to open new trading accounts.
  • Ability to change the trading condition in the personal account.
  • After signing in to the personal account, the system automatically recognizes the user at any activity. When opening an account, the system downloads the personal data, which saves time and eliminates errors that may occur when entering personal data.
To start trading on the Forex market, you should perform a number of actions:
  • Install the application to a personal computer, smartphone, or tablet.
  • Register at the website and log in to your personal account.
You can download Metatrader 4 right now from our website. To complete the registration process in your account, you must fill in all the fields. For further use of the personal account and features of the platform, authorization is required.

How to withdraw funds from a trading account?

Any user has to fill out a special form first to withdraw funds. Then, a user has to provide the Control Department with documents that will be forwarded to the Customer Support service. To learn more about the terms of funds withdrawal, please visit the Funds Withdrawal section and choose the optimal way of funds withdrawal. The company adheres to the following policy – the first withdrawal is always completed with credit cards, and the other withdrawal ways become available only after that. Withdrawal to the trader’s credit card is carried out via bank transfer. The card can be issued by any bank. After sending a withdrawal request and necessary documents, a trader has to choose a remitting bank. You can choose from a list of banks that is available in your personal account. When making a request, you should submit all the required details of a bank account. One can get the exact bank details from the bank that issued the credit card.

Application of Fundamental and Technical Analysis

Any trading style requires the application of technical analysis. It can be used either as a basic or additional method. Let us consider an example of fundamental analysis. For instance, a promising company has just entered the stock market. Many investors show interest in it since they do not want to miss a chance to get profit. However, they have to evaluate the investment attractiveness beforehand to avoid wasting their money. Technical analysis is required for that. It is crucial to choose the opportune moment to buy stocks if you want to get maximum profit out of them. If you purchase them without prior analysis, your chances to make a profit are going to be extremely low. The income might not cover your short-term investments. Long-term trading is also worth your attention. In this case, investors hold stocks for over ten years. Factors for buying are determined based on a fundamental analysis of the company and its financial health. However, technical indicators are as important as fundamental analysis, and they should not be ignored.

What is Spread?

Spread is the difference between ASK and BID price of the asset. Both of these terms have their definitions: “Ask” for the purchase price and “Bid” for the sale price. Spreads are measured not in cash but so-called pips. In other words, a spread is a kind of a commission fee, which is assessed to brokers for their services.There are three types of spreads: Fixed spread. It always has the same value, which is set before the transaction. For instance, the broker sets the spread at two pips. It is the fixed value, which traders have to pay to buy this spread. Floating spread. This type of spread is applied worldwide when it comes to international transactions. Floating spreads are considered more profitable for traders since the Ask and Bid prices are constantly changing. It allows them to get the best market price at the time of trading. Floating spread with the minimum value. In this case, brokers set the minimum value of a spread. This way they keep themselves from financial losses.

What is Technical Analysis?

Future prices can be predicted with the use of price patterns. Technical analysis allows traders to identify the best time to buy stocks based on the financial performance of the company. Among tools used to analyze data are indicators, support levels, various types of patterns, financial statements and much more. Thanks to all of them, you can see the whole picture. Technical analysis is very complicated. It is practically impossible to explain within a single article. Moreover, it is constantly changing according to the market sentiment. Technical analysis requires specific skills and knowledge.

How are funds deposited to a trading account?

You can make trades only by using funds deposited to account. How to deposit account? Go to “Account depositing” page and select the suitable payment method:
  • You can deposit funds by using the current account
  • Credit funds directly via a bank card
  • Select an e-wallet (WebMoney or any other widely-used service)
Please note that funds deposited from a bank account are credited with a delay from several hours up to a day. Funds added directly from a credit card or digital wallet are credited to your trading account immediately.

What is fundamental analysis?

This type of analysis is applied to investigate the economic situation of a particular organization, or the whole industry. Its size does not play a great role. The results of the analysis make it possible to determine the degree of the future profitability. With fundamental analysis, a trader is able to figure out if the shares are overestimated or underestimated. Based on the result, one can understand if it is worth adding a new asset to your personal investment portfolio, or not. Frequently, fundamental analysis identifies stocks that are literally overvalued. Buying them makes no sense because the stock market is waiting for a drop in price, and the trader will lose profit. Therefore, fundamental analysis minimizes risks.

Why is economic calendar important?

Under economic calendar, we understand the list of the most important economic events. Factors like the upcoming news or publication of official reports have a significant influence on the foreign exchange market and financial market as a whole. If you analyze such information beforehand, you will be “in the right place at the right time” and get excellent profit. From the reports in the economic calendar, you will get information about:
  • GDP growth rate;
  • Unemployment rate;
  • The volume of transactions in the retail market;
  • Interest rate fluctuations in percentage;
  • Indicator of total customer cost;
  • Inflation index.
Market volatility will increase after the key events listed in the Forex economic calendar. Novice traders should not trade during highly volatile market after the important news release – for example, announcements of the unemployment rate in the USA, interventions, and the official reports of the Head of the Central bank. In this case, it is necessary to suspend the work process for at least 25 minutes before the news release and for half an hour after the release. Independent experts also note that all the news on the USD exchange rate directly or indirectly affects all currencies as well as gold.

What is Financial Leverage?

Not many traders can boast of having enough funds that would enable them to trade stocks comfortably. Most of them trade with brokers to get the amount of money they need. Such type of loan is called financial leverage. Additionally, it is used to characterize the financial viability of a broker. In other words, financial leverage shows whether a broker can provide sufficient capital to a trader. Financial leverage is usually measured as the ratio of total debt to total assets. For instance, a 1:4 leverage means that the broker’s share is four times bigger than a sum of money deposited by a trader. The other number in the ratio depends on the amount of loan collateral provided by a trader. In some cases, brokers provide capital that exceeds the deposited amount 100 or even 5000 times. The smaller the deposit amount is, the smaller financial leverage since the deposit ratio and the broker’s share gets lower. Therefore, financial leverage is unlikely to get bigger than 1:20 if the deposit is big enough